So Long Our Friends

“Would you make a friend today if you will be separated one day?  Is it worth it?”  We say, “Yes, totally worth it!”  Our friends hosted a farewell party for us at a restaurant a few days before we left China.  They took turns to share their interactions with us for the past two years.  Some shared with tears of gratitude; some in sadness about our departure.  We were overwhelmed and touched by their sharing.

We didn’t know that they noticed the small details of our day-to-day life: how we are available to help when they have a need; how we show hospitality; how J took care of the kids and interacted with the elderly; how M treated patients with gentleness and care…  We were glad that our daily living was a testimony to them and gave Him the glory.

We were sad to say farewell to our friends.  We miss the time we had together, to sing praises and study, to eat and play, to share and pray…  J especially miss the nursing home team – an older sister who dedicated herself to serve the elderly physically and spiritually everyday in different nursing homes, a mature younger sister who brought youthful and cheerful energy, love and transformation to every visit.  They were the encouragement that kept me going to share His love with the elderly.  I hope that there will be more volunteers to join the team and bring encouragement to the staff.  Together they can bring light to the nursing homes and to the heart of every elderly.

We are thankful for our friends who have been in our lives for the past two years.  We treasure all the memories we shared.  Even though we are apart, we are friends forever!  May our lives spur one another on as we deny ourselves and take up our cross daily and follow Him.

So long, our friends!  We hope one day we will meet again!

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